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Stuttgarter Zeitung (German)

27.08.2017. Interview with Stuttgarter Zeitung about my passion and the objectives of #tracesofhope. More...

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The Souls of Mosul

July 2017, Mosul. As the liberation of Mosul keeps being announced there's still heavy blasts and intense firefights in some neighborhoods of Old Town. More...


The Horrors of War

July 2017, Mosul. After several days of declaring the liberation of Mosul there are still nests of Daesh in two neighborhoods of Old Town. More...


More Features

Recent stories and photos from the ground.

I love photography. And I have a great interest in geo politics.
At some point I realized that I could combine both and support people in conflict zones.
Supporting and helping others in need is probably the most rewarding experience I ever had. Want to know more?

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