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Hi, I'm Jo

and I'm a freelance photographer with a focus on conflict and war photography since 2011. On my own or as an embedded journalist I covered a lot of Afghanistan and Iraq/KRG. In exhibitions and lectures I show photographs and tell the stories behind them - and I try to be independent from actual main stream media interest and to focus on things that are positive.

Not that it matters, but I was born in Norway 1975, and I live in Munich since a couple of years...

Spending time in conflict areas

is something that does something to you.
Not always too easy to cope with, I admit.
There were bad experiences, really bad ones.
But most of them went well or even were great.

Intrinsic Motivation

Since I learned that I could help other people with just a little bit of time, effort and money, I considered it not only to be worth it.
It turned out to be an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Care to share?