Hi, I'm Jo

and I'm a freelance photographer with a focus on conflict and war photography since 2011. On my own or as an embedded journalist I covered a lot of Afghanistan, Mali and Iraq/KRG. In exhibitions and lectures I show photographs and tell the stories behind them - and I try to be independent from actual main stream media interest and to focus on things that are positive.

Not that it matters, but I was born in Norway 1975, and I live in Munich since a couple of years...

Spending time in conflict areas

is something that does something to you.
Not always too easy to cope with, I admit.
There were bad experiences, really bad ones.
But most of them went well or even were great.




My first time. Embedded with German Bundeswehr, I travelled to the Hindukush and immediately fell in love with this impressive land and its beautiful people.



Back to the 'Kush. This time with US ARMY to Paktika Province, close to the Pakistani border. This, they said, was were most insurgents came from, being called Season Fighters. I saw more fighting, more casualties than ever before - and was almost killed in a suicide attack.



Another trip to Afghanistan. No embed, no soldiers, no real protection but the great opportunity to see the great and impressive work of German traum therapist Inge Missmahl on the ground, treating civil trauma victims.


Iraqi Kurdistan

First time close to IS. With experiences from Afghanistan I considered myself to be adequately prepared. I was wrong, shooting the begin of the Battle for Mosul



Three more stints to the front lines against IS, including some days among Iraqi Special Forces in the final battle for Mosul.
My worst trip so far, seeing, hearing and smelling horrors that will haunt me for the rest of my life. 



First time in an African combat arena. Embedded with German Bundeswehr in EUTM and MINUSMA, Gao. Joined MedEvac teams on their spectacular duty.


Lebanon & Bosnia

I worked on a comprehensive documentary on Humanitarian Demining with GICHD, the Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining.


Baltic Sea & Iraqi Kurdistan

I joined the SAR teams of DGzRS in the Baltc Sea, went wet and freezing before heading back to Iraqi Kurdistan for another stint with the Peshmerga and a test of two concepts in Humanitarian Aid.


Home Front

I documented doctors and nurses in the first wave of the pandemic, bing inspired by their relentless commitment.


Iraq / KRG, Afghanistan

Back again in KRG / Iraq, embedding with Peshemerga Special Forces on their hunt for ISIS.

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan again, I investigated in Kabul's drug hell.


Lebanon, Syrian Border, Iraq / KRG

I was supposed to attend a wedding in Beirut when I got a call from a Frech NGO that operates in Tripoli, close to the Syrian border. Of course, I joined them to document their work.

In December I joined PAK and Komalah Peshmerga in Iraq / KRG to learn about their quest for freedom and equality in Iran.

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